Front housing moulded in self-extruded ABS thermoplastic resin with V0 designation, white painted finish.
– Rear housing moulded from self-extinguishing polypropylene of nominal grade V0, incorporating the air intake grille.
– Polypropylene air exhaust grille, located at the front of the housing.
– Shaded pole induction motor with shaft rotation on self-lubricating bushings, combined with a centrifugal rotor made of glass fibre reinforced nylon.
– Heating element with two preset output settings (1000 / 2000 W), protected by a manually resettable thermal overload limiter.
– Rotary switch with 3 positions: OFF/1000/2000 W
– Manually adjustable room thermostat with antifreeze function that guarantees automatic activation of the heater whenever the ambient temperature drops below 5 °C.
– Power cable with Schuko euro cast plug.
– Built-in tuner with recoil cord.
– Mounts vertically for operation on the floor or on a tabletop, using the foot on the rear housing.


Maximum absorbed current (A) 8,7

Maximum absorbed power (W) 2000

Frequency (Hz) 50

Insulation class II°

Voltage (V) 230

Weight (Kg) 1.850

Pilot flame storage devices no

Luminaires with standby function no

Auxiliary power consumption at minimum heat output – elmin (kW) 0,03

Auxiliary power consumption at rated output power – elmax (kW) 0,03

Standby auxiliary power consumption – elSB (kW) 0,03

Rate limitation control in NO mode

One-distance control NO

Control with black globe thermometer NO

Control of ambient temperature for best possible operation NO

Ambient temperature control for presentation NO

Adaptive start-up control NO

Seasonal energy efficiency -? S (%) 36

Thermal power with two or more manual phases without room temperature control NO

Single-phase heat output without room temperature control NO

Thermal power with room temperature control with mechanical thermostat YES