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  • BOX: Soundproof galvanized steel box with thermo-acoustic insulation, fire class Bs1d0. Easy access to the motor and maintenance of the fan through removable panels.
  • Indoor fan: HBA : Axial fan, circular reinforced frame from size 45 to 80. For larger uses from 90 to 125 we use the HCA model.
  • Motor-impeller assembly through a hinged system. Variable pitch angle cast aluminum impeller. Polyester finishing powder.
  • Asynchronous standard squirrel cage motor, IP-55 protection and class F insulation. Standard voltages 230V 50Hz for single phase motors, 230/400V 50Hz for three phase motors up to 4kW and 400/690V 50Hz for higher powers 1 speed and 400V for 2 peed motors.


Designed for wall or duct mounting, indoor or outdoor mounting, they are suitable for:

  • Air renewal in buildings and industries.
  • Smoke extraction
  • Maximum operating temperature: single-phase 50ºC, three-phase 60ºC.

Technical Data Sheet


  • Impeller type B (air flow from impeller to engine).
  • 100% reversible impeller.
  • Special trends.